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  • Are you tired of being told, 'just have faith' and everything will be alright?"
  • Would you like to know HOW to HEAL, GROW, and THRIVE in your life?

Our Hidden in the Healer INNER CIRCLE has your back! We have the community, tools, and breakthrough teaching to help you heal and grow from your trauma and struggles! We are here to help YOU succeed!



"I'll be like this for the rest of my life!"

My momma was stuck, my grandmother was stuck... it runs in the family. I'll always be stuck. I might as well suck it up and accept it.


They hurt me! I feel destroyed!"

I cannot imagine life beyond the pain. Some days I just want to die. I don't think I'm going to make it.


"I'm stressed! Angry! What do you mean I have to forgive?!"

I don't want to release how I feel. These emotions are the only thing keeping me going! I NEED them!


"There's no hope for me!"

I've tried everything. Booze, drugs, people... I've seen the counselors, pastors, teachers, and NOTHING WORKS! I'm ready to give up completely!

I have replicated the process I used to get totally and radically FREE so YOU can experience it as well!

I'm here to help you succeed and break FREE my friend!

It is time for you to HEAL, become UNSTUCK, and receive BREAKTHROUGH! I have helped thousands of Christians around the world to experience incredible growth and healing in their life.

Just like I overcame, YOU can overcome and live the life you've always dreamed of!

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Hidden in the Healer INNER CIRCLE

This group will give you the tools, strategy, and accountability you to to take your life to the next level! You will receive incredible support and an amazing community to help you THRIVE!

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Hey friend... Deb here. 

Having come from childhood physical and sexual abuse, 20 years of depression, suicide attempts, as well as emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse within the church from trusted leaders, I understand how pain and trauma can take you down a path that seems impossible to recover from. I went to many 'professionals' for help and could not seem to experience real healing or freedom. I was desperate!

Through an incredible journey of discovering God's truths on how to heal and break free in life, I found what I was looking for. YOU CAN TOO!

My transformation was so dramatic, I could not keep it to myself. I was called on by God to share this to the world. This call has resulted in thousands of lives being changed THROUGH these breakthrough tools and powerful community!

Just as God showed me the way out of fear, depression, anger, hurt, & pain... now I will show you! Our Hidden in the Healer INNER CIRCLE is THE WAY through the overwhelm, feelings of hopelessness, and the stress of always believing you are stuck... by providing you God's tools for freedom. 

If I can experience freedom... SO CAN YOU! 

Love, Deb             

In the HIDDEN IN THE HEALER Inner Circle,

You'll get access to all the missing pieces for your breakthrough... everything you will need in order for you to heal, grow, & THRIVE so you can break FREE in your life!

Teaching & Coaching

Help, Encouragement, Coaching, and specific breakthrough action steps in your area of need, struggle, and pain.

Affirmation Audios

Listen to and learn to speak out God's Word over your life with power, confidence, and strength so you can be transformed.


Learn to dwell in God's presence and truth as you listen to powerful audios guiding you into the Throne room.

Bold Fiery

Experience deliverance from the spoken toxic words of your past and discover the freedom that comes as God's truth is proclaimed instead.

Prayers of Power 
and Strength

Through coaching rooms, prayer tools, & our caring coaches, receive the prayer you need to overcome, heal, & experience breakthrough.

Made Easy

Through our easy 'hear and repeat' system, memorizing Scripture has never been so simple so you can have it whenever you need it.

& Worship

Experience healing and refreshing as you listen to God's powerful Words and truth while spending time in His presence.


You will find accountability to help you grow, and a place where YOU belong with amazing Believers, loving coaches, and new friends.

We Will Show You How To Receive Breakthrough
Every Day, God's Way!

God ALWAYS has a plan for you... a way out... a path to travel. The key is finding out what that is. His WORD has your answer every single time. Hidden in the Healer is fully based on the Word of God to bring you your breakthrough. Everything we do, every tool we've created, is to lead you to personal, spiritual, physical and natural breakthrough. Follow God's Word and you'll ALWAYS win. You'll always receive victory because that IS His will for you!

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  • All Breakthrough Elements Included
  • LIVE Teaching, Coaching, & Worship Sessions
  • Access to The War Room
  • A Community of Support & Encouragement

Hear what one of our Inner Circle Members had to say...

"The healing and freedom I have experienced through the Hidden in the Healer Inner Circle has changed my life! Oh my gosh... I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not depressed! I didn't think that was possible after all the pain I've been through. I'm not always stressing about something any more. Now I know what to DO when I feel those things!!! I am literally experiencing peace, excitement, even JOY for the first time in my life. Thank you GOD!!! And, thank you Deb for coaching me!"
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  • The Healing Presence of God
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  • The Peace of God

* Our Inner Circle will grow as you do. New content will be added regularly as we hear your needs and provide. You will be grandfathered in and able to use all the content for life as long as you remain an active member.

Rhonda Kingman

Awaken Beautiful Soul

What I've experienced through the anointing on Deb is not only just encouragement, but breakthrough in my personal life and ministry. She won't hold back when necessary, but every word is filled with love and her full support to overcome whatever the enemy throws at you.

Christina Lankford

Financial Services

When I FINALLY forgave my ex-husband, I experienced a freedom like I had never experienced before. It changed how I reacted or perceived things for the better. I was more open to what God wanted to show me. I'm so thankful for this ministry and all that God has done in my life!

Deb Hollis

CEO, Co-Owner

I was feeling some anxiety while I was editing this site! When I got to the Prayer on Anxiety, I stopped to listen to it. I WAS SET FREE listening & agreeing with myself praying over you! WOW! Go God! I was in AWE & WORSHIPPING God by the end of the audio. So thankful for God's faithfulness!

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