All The Breakthrough Tools You Need To Experience Depression Free Living

My friend, God wants you FREE and living in His peace every single day. We are here to help you do just that. We will hold you by the hand as you learn to live this new PEACE FILLED life. Today is your day for breakthrough!

LIVE April 19th, 2021


We Will Teach You

over the next 21 days how to live free of depression God style. Your life will be transformed as you apply His healing truths.

You Will Receive

one new 'empowerment to breakthrough' every day through different course audios, videos, teachings, and challenges.

You Will Be Changed

as you receive healing and learn to live life the way God meant for it to be lived... filled with joy, peace, and power!

You Will Not Be Alone In Your Journey To Freedom

Do not think you are entering into this journey of breakthrough to be left alone. We will be right there with you... helping you each step of the way if you need us. When you have questions, we will be there to answer them in our course platform. We've got your back and we are looking forward to getting to know you.

LIVE April 19th, 2021